24th June 2017, 7.00pm
St James’ Sussex Gardens, W2
Creation: Voices of London Festival 2017

London Youth Choir
London Youth Chamber Choir
London Youth Training Choir
London Youth Girls’ Choir

The London Youth Choirs are delighted to be welcomed back for the third time to perform in The Voices of London Festival. Our concert will explore themes of creation and nature, and feature music inspired by place and seasons. At the concerts heart are movements from Haydn’s dramatic oratorio, The Creation, to which we are delighted to introduce our young members.

Our origins make and define us and through singing together at LYC our members have an opportunity to express meaning together. Where in history those before us have debated creation vs evolution, we stand shoulder to shoulder making beautiful music which helps to express something of our remarkable planet. In doing so, we also celebrate the most remarkable creation of all, the human voice.

Tickets: £12/£8 (plus booking fee)

Voices of London Festival
Now in its fourth year, the Voices of London Festival celebrates the extraordinary range of vocal diversity on offer in the capital and beyond. The Festival showcases ensembles of all shapes and sizes, from community choruses and youth groups to professional chamber choirs and operatic ensembles. At the heart of the festival lies collaborative music making in a wide range of guises.