Audition Dates
Auditions for all the constituent choirs of LYC will be held on the 5th and 12th of September 2016. Auditions are open to all applicants from school year 3 – age 21 and are designed to be friendly and welcoming. Pre-booking is required. Successful candidates will join the choirs from the Autumn term (19th September).

The Choirs

  • LYC Boys’ this site Choir : school years 3 – 6
  • LYC Girls’ Choir : school years 3 – 6
  • LYC Training Choir : school years 7 – 11
  • London Youth Choir (Main Choir) : school year 11 – age 21
  • London Youth Chamber Choir : age 16 – 22 (priority given to those aged 18+)

Further Information

To apply and to find out more about our auditions, please visit our Join Us page.
To find out more about our individual choirs, please visit the Meet our Choirs page.