Aspire Pilot 2015-16

The Aspire pilot programme (2015-16), funded by the National Foundation of Youth Music, reached over 1,000 children from 9 primary schools in areas of deprivation across Camden, Hackney and Southwark. The children, aged 9-11, participated in bi-termly workshops, culminating in a special Big Sing performance and completion of Arts Award Discover. Running concurrently, free CPD sessions were offered to teachers and local music leaders, with a view to enhancing school choral singing through the development of confidence and specialist skills.

From January 2016, 30 children were selected from the partner schools to join the core LYC choirs as Junior Apprentices for a two-term period, attending weekly rehearsals and performing in high profile concerts. These Junior Apprentices received extensive provision to support access to LYC, including paid chaperoning from school to rehearsals, free membership and in person meetings at the partner schools between parents and LYC staff. Upon completion of the programme, all apprentices were offered full membership of the LYC choirs.

2015-16 Partners

Music Hubs: Camden Music Hub, Hackney Music, Southwark Music Service
Camden Partner Schools:
Torriano Junior School (Lead), Brecknock Primary, Richard Cobden Primary
Hackney Partner Schools: Morningside Primary School (Lead), Colvestone Primary, Holy Trinity Primary, Nightingale Primary, 
Southwark Partner Schools:
Charles Dickens Primary (Lead), Charlotte Sharman Primary

For the success of our pilot programme, LYC would like to thank the National Youth Music Foundation, The Headley Trust, Ernest Cook Trust, St. James’s Place Foundation, Newcomen Collett Foundation, Friday Afternoons and N. Smith Charitable Settlement.